About Shoshana

".....Known for her shimmies and vibrations, [Shoshana] can stroll up and down the restaurant, filbrillating as she goes, without any noticeable effort."
- Wall Street Journal

"Shoshana is strongest and most inspirational when she reveals her personal and passionate side within the liberty of improvisation." - Arabesque Magazine

Shoshana is recognized as one of New York's finest and most prolific Middle Eastern dancers.  Maintaining the traditions and beauty of this dance art form for over 3 decades, she has established a reputation as a consummate performer.

Throughout her years as a performer, she has also been a creative choreographer and accomplished dance instructor, from beginner belly dance classes to coaching professionals. Dancers such as Sira, Yasmin, Yasmeena, Miranda, Ayshe and many  others studied intensely with Shoshana. 
Shoshana started modern dance at the age of 5.
Ballet-trained from the age of eight (Christie Neubert / Carnigie Hall), Shoshana started her strong foundation in dance. She went on to study tap dancing, jazz, Flamenco and African dance. At age 19, Shoshana extended her dance horizons into the exciting realm of Middle Eastern dance. Studying with such oriental dance luminaries as Serena Wilson, Yousry Sharif, lbrahim Farrah, Elena and Velerie Camille, she catapulted into her specialty, the art of oriental dance. With a unique flair, innate sensuality, and undeviating discipline to movement and music
an undisputed natural Shoshana was swiftly invited to teach at Serena Dance Studios and to commence her solo performing career at the famed club Ibis, a rapid fire initiation into a fruitful career in Middle Eastern dance.

As a performer, Shoshana has done what only the exceptional artist can
developed a distinctive style. While many can achieve technical expertise and theatrical professionalism, few can harness their creativity and sensitivity into a singular, unprecedented expression. Once you see Shoshana, her passionate mastery is unforgettable, an earmark of distinction: earthy, genuine, and elegant with an exceptional musicality.

She has performed in the top Middle Eastern night clubs throughout the American Northeast, among them Club Ibis, Darvish (NYC),  The Middle East Hall, Lincoln Center (Serena Dance Theatre); and has been invited to work with some of the finest Arabic musicians as guest artist in numerous productions. Her international repertoire consists of solo engagements in Israel and Panama. Additionally, she has had experience at both ends of the spectrum of troupe theatrical productions--as a principal dancer (Serena Dance Theatre) and as a director of her own group. 
Shoshana has had the honor of performing for James Con, Sigourney Weaver, Gloria Gaynor, Kate Winslet and the late great Vincent Price.

Shoshana has conducted workshops, classes, and coached professionals over the years. Most recently, she has established teaching private classes where she imparts her skillful, highly  personal techniques with individual attention, sensitivity, warmth, selfless, generosity and vitality.  Inevitably, for this talented artist, choreography was a natural evolution. Her company debuted in "Shoshana's Night of Music and Dance" (November 1996,) and "Shoshana's-Beyond the Silk Veil,"(March 1998) at the famed Town Hall. Creatively speaking, Shoshana states "I incorporate elements of jazz, Flamenco, contemporary dance...whatever my mood is...and put a Middle Eastern veil around it."

Shoshana just celebrated her 35th year of belly dancing and is thrilled to continue bringing this feminine dance to belly dance students in Queens and the New York Tri- State area.

Presently Shoshana is teaching at Serena Studios in NYC and is a licensed massage therapist specializing in sports and dance injuries, pre-natal , Swedish, deep tissue and relaxation massage.

She lives in Quuens with her husband, son and doggy daughter!!!